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Salam aleykum wa rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu Often people travel from one country to another. Many challenges will come on your way during the journey. The secret that I am sharing with you all is a DUA FOR TRAVELLING that will help you throughout your journey.

Several people travel to build their career. But in no time, will have to face all the difficulties while settling into a new country. So with this DUA FOR TRAVELLING by the Will of Allah Swt you will be in peace throughout your stay in the country you with to travel.

It’s a PRAYER FOR SAFE TRIP. You will be protected, and will equally gain both, financial and material benefits. The SHORT PRAYER FOR TRAVEL should be written as you see in the image below seven times each. You will also have to write the 2 seals that appears in the second image just one time.

Once you write as it is prescribed. You will have to wash the prayer with rose water. And than either spray or bath in a very clean place seven days before you travel. The water that has been used should also be thrown in a clean place. If possible in a flower pot, river pond, or similar places.

You should take in consideration the following. While writing you make your intentions for the purpose of writing this DUA FOR TRAVELLING. It is compulsory to write with the ink made with the mixture of rose water and saffron.

You should only use rose water to wash what has been written. The writings will be done only once. But should be used for seven days consecutive. For those who have travelled and are into difficulties can equally use this DUA FOR TRAVELLING.

Allah swt Will surely provide you success in all the activities in which you have or are invested in. Ameen.

Here is the DUA FOR TRAVELLING you have to write seven tmes.

Here are the two seals of DUA FOR TRAVELLING.

May Allah swt assist all those who want to use this secret. And below I am giving you some references of other similar secrets. You can all go through the links and use the best that suits your actual situation.





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  1. May Allah bless you with more knowledge and long life.. I joined this page not long ago.. Please Master free or authorized to practice all the Amal or receips I see on this website… Thanks you.

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