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Salam aleykum wa rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu                                Today I want to share a secret of Dua Mashlool to cure paralysis. particularly sleep paralysis and paralysis of the face. I got recently messages and emails regarding problems related to paralysis. If we see closely it is a loss of muscle function accompanied by a loss of feeling in the affected area.

Many among the visitors of my blogs and particularly this one here, are into this major issue due to sihr “ black magic”. I have known personally several cases of paralysis ans specially sleep paralysis  qnd the paralysis of the face that have been cure with the secret I want to share with you all. Dua Mashlool which is known for its majors effects to cure paralysis is used in this amal. 

The reason of paralysis could be spine vertebrae, periodic paralysis, spinal cord injury, you could see even someone waking up paralyzed   whether it is paralysis sleep, or even paralysis of the face  or it could be sudden temporary paralysis. Whatsoever the reason could be by the Will of Allah subhana watala you will be cured. The only condition is faith and patience. The following secret is a dua for shifa.

So here is what you have to write with the mixture of saffron and rose water.

SURAH AL FATIHA 1 TIME (chapter 1)

AYAT AL KURSI 1 TIME (chapter 2 verse 255)

DUA MASHLOOL 1 TIME ( see in the pictures below)

SURAH AL IKHLAS 3 TIMES (chapter 112)

SURAH AL FALAQ 5 TIMES (chapter 113)

SURAH AN NAS 6 TIMES (chapter 114)

Once you are through with the writing, you will have to dilute it in water and mix it with any type of olive oil and then apply this mixture on the affected area two to three times a day. May Allah subhana watala assist anyone who want to use this Amal.


Dua al Mashlool for paralysis,  sleep paralysis,  face paralysis

Dua Al Mashlool for paralysis, sleep paralysis,  face paralysis





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